(VIDEO) Ukraine may close its border with Moldova. Under what circumstances?

Ukraine may close the border with Moldova if pro-Russian parties win the Moldovan election. The Ukrainian ambassador to Moldova, Marko Shevchenko, made the statement.

“Let’s fantasize. Ukraine is in a state of war with Russia. And suddenly, a party wins in Moldova, which says that Russia should become a strategic partner of Moldova. These parties get a majority in parliament and form their government. How should Ukraine feel about this? If a government that advocates a strategic partnership with Russia comes to power in Moldova, it indicates that Russia is re-establishing its influence in Moldova. A natural step on the part of Ukraine is to strengthen its security already along the entire border,” Marco Shevchenko said.

On March 28, the Ukrainian presidential office published a decree withdrawing the Ukrainian ambassador to Moldova, Marko Shevchenko. The former secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, Oleksiy Danilov, was appointed in his place.


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