Ion Ceban: “The MAN Party calls on all countries to support Moldova and give the green light to start EU accession negotiations”

Regardless of the decision of the Council of the European Union, Moldova will be able to move much faster on the European integration path. The mayor of the capital, Ion Ceban, said.

“It depends on the ability of the political class to carry out reforms which will improve the quality of citizen’s life. It is also important to popularize the idea of European integration in society. Every person should realize how important the integration of the Republic of Moldova in the European Union is, and citizens should not be divided, but messages and actions are needed to unite them in the idea of European integration. It is important that the European funds are not used as a political “weapon,” but reach every locality and benefit as many people as possible,” he added.


According to Ceban, the role of any political force in Moldova that sees our country’s future in the EU is to strengthen EU assistance, including financial ones, through effective reforms that will yield results in the interests of citizens.

“The MAN Party calls on all countries to support Moldova and give the green light to start accession negotiations. Our society must now unite around a national cause – the cause of European integration! The MAN Party stands for this,” the mayor summarized.

On December 14-15, a summit of the Council of the European Union will be held to decide whether to start negotiations on Moldova’s and Ukraine’s accession to the EU. REALITATEA correspondent Ileana Pîrgaru will cover the two-day event.

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