President Maia Sandu Affirms Moldova’s Steadfast Commitment to European Integration

President Maia Sandu reassured that, regardless of the outcome of the December 14-15 European Council meeting, Moldova remains firmly on its European trajectory. Sandu highlighted that two key EU institutions, the European Parliament and the European Commission, have already endorsed Moldova’s path to EU membership. The Council’s decision, to be made in the coming days, represents the next crucial step.

“Whatever happens, the Republic of Moldova is already firmly anchored on the European path. Joining the EU means transforming our state into a type similar to EU states. Whether the decision is made this week or in a month, it doesn’t change our trajectory,” emphasized Sandu.

Acknowledging the multidimensional reforms required, Sandu stressed the urgency of judicial, anti-corruption, and economic reforms to enhance competitiveness. She underscored the goal of aligning Moldova’s standards with those of the EU across various sectors.

The European Council is set to decide on the initiation of accession negotiations with Moldova, a move endorsed by the European Parliament. Despite some opposition from Hungary and Austria, Sandu remains optimistic about Moldova’s European future, emphasizing that the decision’s timing does not alter the nation’s determined path toward EU integration.


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