Crucial Summit! European Council to decide on launching accession negotiations

The two-day European Council summit begins today in Brussels, and the agenda includes discussions on the launch of EU accession negotiations with Moldova and Ukraine.

Hungary has already announced that it will oppose the decision to open accession negotiations with Ukraine, but such a decision requires unanimity. According to media reports, Hungary’s opposition could postpone a decision on EU enlargement.

Relations between Moldova and the European Union are based on the Association Agreement, including the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area, which entered into force in 2014. It lays the foundations for a political association and economic integration between the EU bloc and our country. Also, in 2014, citizens of the Republic of Moldova obtained the right to travel visa-free within the EU.


The Republic of Moldova and Ukraine have been granted candidate country status in record time – on 23 June 2022. During these 18 months, the European Union has been at the side of the Republic of Moldova with financial support to overcome the crises caused by the war unleashed by the Russian Federation in Ukraine. At the same time, political relations between Chisinau and Brussels have been strengthened, and bilateral relations with several EU member states.

Moldova has fulfilled 94% of the conditions it received when it was granted candidate status. The remaining 6% relate to the justice system reform, the fight against corruption, and the deoligarchisation. The decision of the European Council depends very much on the fulfillment of these recommendations.

On December 14-15, a summit of the Council of the European Union will be held to decide whether to start negotiations on Moldova’s and Ukraine’s accession to the EU. REALITATEA correspondent Ileana Pîrgaru will cover the two-day event.

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