Ion Chicu intends to run for president: I hope I will be able to convince the National Council of the PDCM

Former Prime Minister Ion Chicu may become the presidential candidate of the Party of Development and Consolidation of Moldova (PDCM). However, he is not the only candidate, and the National Council of Party, in June, will decide on the issue. The politician said this during the program Rezoomat on Rlive TV.

Ion Chicu emphasized that despite the previously discussed issue of nominating a single and neutral candidate of the left parties, the PDCM insisted on nominating its representative for the presidency.

“We convened the party’s executive bureau in February and discussed two issues: either we elect one common candidate, a neutral candidate, or we will nominate our candidate. Most of the executive bureau members and all our district organizations’ chairmen were for the second option because it allows us to talk to people, use media resources, and present our vision and strategies, including for the parliamentary elections. In other words, the PDCM will have its candidate for the presidential elections,” Ion Chicu said.


The politician said he will present his candidacy for the presidency. However, the party’s National Council will announce the final decision.

“The final decision will be up to the National Council of Party. We will convene this Council in June to decide on the candidate. I will ask the Council for support. But I must tell you that I have competitors. Some of them are from outside the party. But they have asked us to support their presidential candidacy. I will seek the Council’s endorsement, but the final decision is up to them. I hope I will be convincing,” Ion Chicu concluded.

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