Iulian Chifu: The Kremlin uses various instruments of hybrid warfare to pressure Chisinau. The main ones are propaganda and disinformation

Russian hybrid warfare against the Republic of Moldova primarily manifests through its informational warfare tactics, according to Romanian political analyst Iulian Chifu. Chifu emphasized that Russia aims to alter narratives within Moldova’s information sphere and exert pressure on Moldovan authorities. Russia utilizes the leadership of Gagauzia as a tool to sow destabilization in Moldova.

Chifu highlighted that Russia’s assaults on the pro-European government intensify as the presidential election and constitutional referendum draw nearer. As reported by IPN, the Kremlin employs various hybrid warfare strategies to exert pressure on Chisinau, with propaganda and disinformation playing pivotal roles.

“Increasingly visible is the hybrid warfare aspect, particularly in the realm of information warfare, aimed at controlling public discourse and reshaping narratives,” stated Chifu during the “Emphasis on Today” talk show on TVR Moldova channel. “Moldova has slowly begun to develop response mechanisms in this area. Additionally, Russia employs legislative manipulation and exploits legal gaps to coerce situations, sometimes resorting to outright aggression. For instance, staged demonstrations targeting civil society events, where many participants were unaware of the reasons for their protest, including minors.”


Chifu also pointed out the use of associates of fugitive politician Ilan Shor as instruments to destabilize Moldova. He cited President Maia Sandu’s visit to Comrat and the subsequent protests against her, coinciding with the governor’s presence in Moscow, as an example of orchestrated unrest.

“We’ve observed a noticeable shift from political arenas to the streets by both the President and the Prime Minister, with their engagements, including in Gagauzia, at appropriate levels. However, when the President visits your administrative unit and instead of being welcomed and guided among citizens, she faces a boycott, it reflects poorly not on the President, but on local leadership. It showcases isolation and disconnection from the state,” Chifu remarked.

Last week, President Maia Sandu embarked on a working visit to Comrat, where she engaged with mayors from the Gagauz autonomous region and delivered a speech advocating the benefits of EU accession to students and faculty at Comrat State University. Her visit was met with a group of protesters chanting anti-government slogans.

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