Ion Chicu: after the concession of commercial space at Chisinau airport there will be salary debts

The scandalous tender for the concession of commercial areas at the Chisinau International Airport may jeopardize the security of this strategic asset of the state. This opinion was expressed by former Prime Minister Ion Chicu. The politician says the squares the government wants to concession are the only ones currently profitable.

“They are only leasing out profitable areas and leaving the rest that require investment to the government – the runway, passenger services, etc. They want to lease the premises to a company that knows in advance that it will win, although the tender has not yet taken place. They tell us: you know, it should be a serious firm, a strategic investor in duty-free premises. They tell us: It is not some company from Khabarovsk, but a serious company from France, which, as it turns out, is registered in a hostel in Buyukany,” said Ion Chicu.

In addition, Chicu said that Lagardere Travel Retail will take over the management of the commercial premises, the state will be left with only those that make losses, and will soon face a situation similar to that of the Moldovan Railroad, where employees have not been paid for several months.

Chisinau International Airport and the Public Property Agency are auctioning the premises where duty-free stores controlled by Ilan Shor used to be located. According to the information, the starting monthly rent for ten places is 157 thousand euros. The amount of rent is set for traffic of 2.8 million passengers, and with each increase of 100 thousand passengers, the annual rent for a calendar year will increase by 2% annually. In the event of a decrease in passenger traffic, the rent will remain unchanged.


In September 2023, the duty-free regime at the airport was abolished, the changes in VAT and excise department for duty-free stores came into effect accordingly, and the lease agreements expired at the end of 2023.

Recently, PAS MP Radu Marian said on the air of RLIVE TV channel that serious companies are needed at the airport, not like those in Khabarovsk.

The head of Chisinau International Airport, Constantin Vozian, announced on Tuesday morning, February 6, that he is resigning. The announcement was made in a Facebook post.

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