Bucharest statements after the meeting of the two foreign ministers: Romania will firmly support Moldova’s European integration process

Romania pledges steadfast support for Moldova’s integration journey, acknowledging and valuing the visible reform efforts undertaken. This commitment was reiterated by Deputy Prime Minister Mihai Popsoi, alongside the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Moldova and the Romanian counterpart, Luminita Odobescu, during a recent briefing.

Reflecting on the past two years, the Moldovan official acknowledged the significant challenges faced, yet also recognized them as opportunities for progress towards European integration. He expressed confidence in Romania’s unwavering support throughout this process.

“In a complex geopolitical landscape marked by Russia’s unjust aggression against Ukraine, a conflict directly impacting both our nations and the wider region, maintaining close and robust communication with Romania has been paramount. Over these past two years, Moldova has confronted immense challenges but has also seized the chance to positively transform its European integration path. Throughout, Romania has provided substantial assistance in our state’s development, modernization, and resilience,” stated the Moldovan representative.


Affirming Romania’s continued commitment, Luminita Odobescu emphasized their dedication to assisting Chisinau in both political and technical realms, acknowledging the Moldovan authorities’ courage and political will in driving essential reforms for EU integration.

Popsoi’s current working visit to Bucharest, spanning February 5-6, comes in response to an invitation from the Romanian Foreign Minister, signifying the ongoing partnership and collaboration between the two nations.

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