Liliana Porumb: The CONTACT Center offers consultations for the development of regional business support centers

The regional centers for social affairs benefited from mentoring within the Capacity Building Program, implemented by the CONTACT Center. Thus, the representatives of the four Hubs supporting social entrepreneurship: Tiraspol, Cahul, Sîngerei, Chisinau, participated in 5 training modules: the legal framework of social enterprises, the development of social business plans, financial management, digitalization of businesses, e-commerce .

“Now, as they are qualified, they will distribute the information accumulated during the 6 months. Thus, in the next stage they will share the accumulated information with the social entrepreneurs in the regions”, mentions Liliana Porumb, project coordinator, CONTACT Center.

Following the training, the CONTACT center will organize a mentoring competition for the regional centers and an advocacy plan will be created to support them.

“The CONTACT Center, as part of this project, as a partner, has proposed to offer consultations for the development of advocacy plans, by which to help the regional business support centers to be with the needs of social entrepreneurs in the region, but also with the legal in the field of social entrepreneurship in all four regions”, added Liliana Porumb.


During the training, the beneficiaries were familiarized with the importance of developing social entrepreneurship, especially in the regions, as well as with the specifics of this type of business. The training program covered everything from starting a business to making a profit.

“Social entrepreneurship, even if it has this very strong social component, in the end it is entrepreneurship and also aims at the profit of the company and aims at regional development and has regional impact”, declares Oxana Paladiciuc, trainer in the field of Marketing.

This material was produced with the financial support of the European Union and Sweden. Its content is the exclusive responsibility of the project “We capitalize on the potential of civil society for the promotion and development of social entrepreneurship in the Republic of Moldova”, financed by the European Union and co-financed by Sweden, carried out by the East European Foundation in partnership with the Contact Center and Keystone Moldova. The content of the material belongs to the authors and does not necessarily reflect the view of the European Union.

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