Locations in Moldova where you can admire the beauty of water lilies. How much it will cost you and how you can reach your destination

The water lily season has begun! From May until the end of September, enthusiasts can admire these small aquatic treasures of nature in various locations. In Moldova, there are spaces where interested individuals can visit water lilies. If you haven’t been able to visit any of these locations, we can assist you with the necessary information and coordinates.

The “Prutul de Jos” Reserve

The “Prutul de Jos” Reserve is the first location where you can find water lilies. It is situated near the town of Cahul in the southwestern part of Moldova. The reserve represents a protected area located in the lower course of the Prut River, including Lake Beleu and its surroundings. It was established on April 23, 1991, with the purpose of preserving the flora and fauna of Lake Beleu and its surrounding floodplains.

The vegetation within the reserve consists mostly of reed beds, cattail marshes, willows, as well as a rich carpet of aquatic and floodplain plants such as bulrush, water lily, water spider, and water chestnut. You can also find the white water lily, which is included in the Red Book of Moldova.

The price:

The entrance fee to the reserve is 15 lei for students and 30 lei for adults. Water lilies can be admired through two routes: the aquatic route and the terrestrial route. You can take a boat ride to get a close-up view of the water lilies. For this, you will need to spend 220 lei per hour per person for a motorboat, and 150 lei per hour for a rowboat accommodating three people.

If you want to witness the moment when the water lilies bloom, you’ll need to wake up at dawn and go to observe the plants on Lake Beleu until sunrise. For this experience, you will likely need to stay overnight in the reserve.

How do you get there?


The water lily lake in Bardar

The second destination is the closest location to Chișinău where you can find water lilies, and it is situated in the Ialoveni district. This is also the most popular location visited by Moldovans to admire the flowers and take photos with them.

The water lily lake in the village of Bardar, Ialoveni district, is a privately-owned property. It hosts up to 50 different varieties of water lilies that have been brought from various corners of the world, offering a multitude of colors and scents.

The place is beautifully arranged, allowing visitors to take beautiful photographs. There is a special boat and a gazebo set up for this purpose.

Price! Adults will pay 50 lei for entry, while children can enter for free. Additionally, customers who purchased tulips (the owners are also tulip growers) from Bardar during the winter season have free access to the lake. It is advisable for visitors to come without pets. The water lily season in Bardar will start approximately after June 15th.

Moreover, visitors can receive a free water lily if they enter the water and manage to pluck the specific water lily indicated by the owner. On days with lighter footfall, visitors are taken on boat rides. The cost of this activity is included in the entrance fee. The location also has a designated area primarily for children called the “Baza de partizani”. There various equipment used by partisans from the area is displayed.

Opening hours: It is suggested that visitors come on weekends, Saturday and Sunday, as weekdays are reserved for non-tourism-related activities. The owners also recommend that visits be made before 3:00 PM. After this time, the water lilies begin to close their flowers until the following morning.

How do you get there?

The Water Lily Lake near Călărași

The third location, similar to the lake in Bardar, is also a privately-owned property. There are approximately 25 varieties of water lilies from around the world growing in the lake. Visitors have the opportunity to admire the flowers from a boat provided by the owners, accompanied by a guide. This activity needs to be scheduled in advance and will cost you 100 lei for two people.

Price! The entrance fee for adults is 50 lei, and for children up to seven years old, it is 30 lei. This fee includes welcoming and guiding visitors who are eager to learn more about the cultivation and significance of water lilies in various cultures and among different peoples. Additionally, visitors can purchase water lily flowers (one unit costs 100 lei). Similarly, floral compositions made of live water lilies in glass bowls can also be acquired. The price of these compositions will vary depending on the number of flowers and the chosen vase.

Opening hours: Those who wish to admire the water lily flowers can visit the lake on weekends, Saturday and Sunday, from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

How do you get there?

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