Maia Sandu, about the appointment of Evgenia Gutsul as a Government member: It is against the country’s interests

President Maia Sandu has said she does not consider it possible to include Gagauzia’s Bashkan in the government because of the risks involved and will wait for the Constitutional Court’s decision on her actions. Maia Sandu made the statement in an interview with Russian blogger and former journalist Iurii Dudi.

“She does not represent the Gagauz people. She represents a corrupt group. And I don’t believe that such people can be. It is really against the interests of our country and is a risk to our national security,” the head of state said.

Responding to further questions, Maia Sandu added that she does not consider her actions a violation of the law.

“I cannot appoint a person who represents a corrupt criminal group to the government. The law does not say when she should be appointed. Let’s see what the court says,” the President added.


According to the law, the President appointed the Bashkan of Gagauzia as a government member.

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