Zaharova says ‘European Moldova’ is based on Russophobia

The “European Moldova” programme is based on Russophobia, according to Maria Zaharova, the spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry. In a statement made about the conduct of the referendum on our country’s accession to the EU, Ms Zaharova asserted that the programme is founded upon a Russophobic ideology.

Although she asserted that the elections are an internal matter of our country, the Moscow official did not hesitate to criticize the government in Chisinau. In her opinion, the work of the Moldovan administration “has nothing to do with democracy.”

“The frequency of unfriendly attacks on our country has increased to the point where they are now a daily occurrence. It is to be expected, given that the current administration in Chisinau is benefiting from an aggressive anti-Russian stance, which is a prerequisite for accession to the European Union and interaction with NATO. A review of Maia Sandu’s European project reveals a lack of alignment with core democratic, human rights and freedom-related values. Instead, instances of repression against opposition and independent media have become increasingly common in Moldova,” Zaharova said.

The government in Chisinau has not commented on the Russian official’s statements.
It is pertinent to recall that this week, the Constitutional Court gave the green light to the referendum on Moldova’s accession to the EU and the introduction of the objective of European integration into the country’s Constitution. The vote will take place on 20 October 2024. Parliament will approve the decision.

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