Maia Sandu at Salzburg Summit: Moldova’s EU Accession – An Investment in Democracy

In a press release issued to the media on Thursday, July 27th, officials from the presidential institution inform that the head of state also spoke during the event about how we can unite our efforts to strengthen the European community, and the significant role that the Republic of Moldova plays in this regard.

“Today we are stronger than we were a year ago. This was possible because instead of yielding, we stood up – as individuals, as a country. With the help of our friends and partners, we focused on consolidating our resilience, our democracy, on reforming and modernizing institutions, and most importantly, on our country’s project – joining the European Union,” is one of the messages conveyed by the head of state.


The President spoke about how the government in Chișinău is firmly committed to fulfilling its promises to the EU and its citizens, such as justice reform and cleansing institutions of corruption. At the same time, the head of state mentioned that the authorities in Chișinău are diversifying energy resources, restarting significant infrastructure development projects, and opening up and liberalizing the country’s economy to become more attractive to domestic and foreign investors.

“Moldova’s accession to the EU will be an investment in democracy and the collective future in this space of peace called the European Union. By transforming ourselves as a country, we are simultaneously transforming Europe,” the presidential communication further states.

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