Maia Sandu came with a message to honor the victims of the war in Afghanistan

Moldovan President Maia Sandu has come with a message commemorating the victims of the war in Afghanistan. In her message, the head of state said “Moldova is against war. We are a country of people who value peace and freedom.”

“We commemorate our fellow countrymen who lost their lives in the war in Afghanistan, and we pray, together with their grieving families and with the veterans, for peace and that no one will ever again go through the horrors of war. Sadly, even today, while we are remembering the Moldovans who fell in Afghanistan, whole villages are being destroyed in Ukraine, and peaceful people, including children, are being killed in cold blood,” said the Head of State.

The war in Afghanistan lasted almost ten years and ended in 1989. In total, around 12,500 Moldovan soldiers took part in the armed conflict. More than 300 died, four were missing, and several thousand were wounded.


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