Maia Sandu: I will run for the second mandate of the Moldovan president

After a transformative three-year tenure, President Maia Sandu has announced her intention to seek re-election and has formally called upon the parliament to facilitate a crucial referendum, as reported by the presidential press service.

“Esteemed citizens, a few years ago, we embarked on a collective journey to elevate Moldova into a more prosperous nation. Over the past three years, we have successfully maintained domestic tranquility, fortified our nation’s independence, fostered a government that aligns with the aspirations of the people, and initiated negotiations for Moldova’s integration into the European Union. Our destiny lies within the European family, and it is imperative that we, as a united nation, clearly articulate the path we wish Moldova to tread. I implore the Parliament to spearhead the organization of a referendum next autumn, where the resounding voice of the citizens will be the ultimate arbiter,” expressed President Maia Sandu.


The president highlighted her commitment to fulfilling the mission of European integration during her current term: “We have garnered support from member states on this journey, and now, dear Moldovans, we require your unwavering support to ensure success. There are still pivotal strides ahead, and I pledge to persevere, provided you bestow upon me the confidence for a renewed mandate in 2024.”

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