Moldovan Leaders Embrace the Spirit of Christmas and Reflect on a Transformative Year

As the festive season envelops the Republic of Moldova, the country’s leadership is not only extending warm Christmas wishes but also encouraging a spirit of togetherness, kindness, and reflection. In a series of heartfelt messages, President Maia Sandu, Speaker Igor Grosu, and Prime Minister Dorin Recean are urging citizens to celebrate the joyous occasion with family, emphasizing the importance of solidarity, gratitude, and unity.

Santa Claus has been authorized to fly over the airspace of the Republic of Moldova at 00:00. This announcement was made by the Government’s spokesperson, Daniel Vodă.

“The border police carefully checked all the documents, and the Customs Service confirmed that all of Santa’s gifts are for well-behaved children. Santa’s products have also passed inspection by the National Food Safety Agency, meeting quality standards,” said Voda .

“We thank parents, grandparents, and state institutions, including air traffic control, emergency services, and public order services, for their essential support in this mission. The mission is accomplished! Let’s celebrate together with kindness in our hearts, and we wish you happy moments with your loved ones,” His message states.

As the holiday season unfolds, Moldovan leaders are encouraging citizens to celebrate Christmas with their families, believe in the power of goodness, and take pride in becoming more European in 2023. Season’s greetings have been conveyed by President Maia Sandu, Speaker Igor Grosu, and Prime Minister Dorin Recean.

President Maia Sandu’s Message

President Maia Sandu urged solidarity, humanity, reconciliation, and understanding. She emphasized the importance of cherishing time spent with loved ones during Christmas.

“On Christmas, as we celebrate the birth of the Lord, let’s take the time to be thankful for the peace in our homes. Let’s rejoice that our dear ones are safe and appreciate the time spent with them. Despite the challenges and the war at our borders, let’s remain on the side of life and trust in the power of goodness. The celebration of the Lord’s Birth is an occasion for forgiveness, reconciliation, and understanding. Let’s continue to uphold our fundamental values – unity, solidarity, and humanity, values that we need now more than ever. Gathered with family and friends, delighted by the groups of carolers knocking on our doors, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas!” stated Maia Sandu.

Dorin Recean’s Message

Dorin Recean, in addition to extending congratulations, expressed gratitude to the officials working during the holidays to maintain public order, safeguard the health of Moldova, or carry out other essential activities that cannot be halted.

“On Christmas, we gather with family and friends, sharing the joy of this holiday – a symbol of light, peace, and unity. Looking towards the future, let’s keep this Christmas spirit in our hearts and, together, let’s guide our actions based on these values. I wish you all a Merry Christmas with your loved ones! To all those who, during this period, work in the service of citizens, I thank you for your service to the entire community. Colleagues ensuring public order, overseeing our health, or anyone in the service sector, we recognize and appreciate your dedication. Winter holidays wouldn’t be the same without the work you do,” noted Dorin Recean.

Igor Grosu’s Message

The President of the Parliament released a video message, reviewing the successes of the government in 2023 and emphasizing the significance of the decision to initiate accession negotiations.

“Let’s rejoice in the fact that we are a European nation and have the courage, even in difficulties, to move towards the goal we have set. (…) Dear friends, let’s celebrate Christmas with family and loved ones. And for those who are far away, let’s call them and tell them that we love them,” stated Igor Grosu.


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