Maia Sandu: If Russia tries to attack Moldova, we will ask for help

Maia Sandu claims that the Chisinau authorities do not exclude even the most pessimistic scenarios related to the escalation of the war in Ukraine. The statements were made during her visit to Bucharest.

The head of state claims that if Russia tries to attack us, our country will ask for help. However, she did not specify what kind of support would be requested and from whom.

“We are concerned and admit all scenarios, including the most pessimistic ones. We prepare for all scenarios. In the situation where Russia will try to attack the Republic of Moldova, obviously we will ask for help”, concluded Sandu.


During the meeting with her Romanian counterpart, Maia Sandu thanked the Bucharest administration for supporting our country in its European path. At the same time, she asked Romania to sell gas to Moldova, and Klaus Iohannis promised that the support from across the Prut will continue to be granted to Chisinau.

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