Maia Sandu was awarded the “Timisoara for European Values” trophy

Maia Sandu has won the Timişoara for European Values (Timişoara pentru Valori Europene) award. The Moldovan president will receive 30 thousand euros.

This was announced by the mayor of Timisoara, Dominic Fritz.

The jury members praised “the clarity of her European vision and the determination with which she realizes it.”

“Maia Sandu’s European voice is clearly and loudly heard at home and in all international capitals. She has initiated an extensive process of reforms and diplomatic advancement, thanks to which she has won the trust of European partners. Moldova is on an irreversible path to the European Union; she has spoken honestly to citizens, explaining that Moldova’s accession process to the European Union is not easy but is necessary and will ensure Moldova’s peace and prosperity. Her political communication skills, humane, clear and value-based style are impressive and are a ray of sunshine in a Europe experiencing an acute crisis of confidence,” Timisoara City Hall said in a press release.


Maia Sandu will be in Timisoara at the invitation of Mayor Dominik Fritz from January 12 to 13, 2024. At this days, the President will receive the high award of the Municipality of Timisoara.

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