(VIDEO) “A Feast in Time of Plague”: Zakharova about the starting of negotiations on Moldova’s accession to the EU

The jubilation over the decision of the Council of the European Union to start negotiations on Moldova’s accession to the EU resembles a “feast in time of plague.” This was stated by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova.

“What I liked most of all was the phrase “about Moldova’s return to the European space from which it was torn away by the empire.” I have such a question, and before that Moldova was not in Europe? Where was it then? Where was Moldova? Part of what continent? This is absurd,” she added.

She also wondered what the British exit from the EU was for the Moldovan ideologists of European integration – a wake of freedom, a withdrawal from the European continent, or, likewise, the intrigues of the empire.

Zakharova also mentioned the Moldovan parliament’s decision to approve the National Security Strategy, which identifies Russia as “the most dangerous and constant source of threats to the statehood, democracy, and prosperity of the country.”

“In all that we are witnessing today, and which is a serious, as they say, “threat to the state, democracy, and prosperity of the country,” all those who tear Moldova away from relations that are beneficial to it, whether with Russia or other countries, are to blame. The people of Moldova see their country turning into a part of the European periphery, detached from the historically spiritually close Russia. The inhabitants of Moldova see how their country is trying to be dragged into the conflicts that the European continent, in recent years, has been fanned by Washington and Britain with exactly one purpose: to stop the well-being and prosperity of the European continent. Our country has never posed a threat to the friendly Moldovan people and is still interested in maintaining the development of multifaceted bilateral ties,” the foreign policy official summarized.

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