Maia Sandu: We will do everything possible to prevent the Republic of Moldova from being drawn into the war in Ukraine

President Maia Sandu was invited to the show “Bună seara” at Moldova 1, where she presented the successes achieved by the Republic of Moldova during her recent visit to Brussels and Paris. At the same time, the vulnerability of our country to its possible involvement in the war in Ukraine was a discussed. The head of state noted that during her visit to Brussels and Paris she did not receive any signals that Moldova was in danger. Also, in the case of the worst case scenario, the Republic of Moldova will be helped by European countries.

“But even these countries under the NATO umbrella in the region are making backup plans for any scenario, and obviously we are doing the same. I wouldn’t want to send a message to people to be afraid. Of course, we are also prepared for the most negative or pessimistic scenario, if something happens. And I tell everyone that if something bad happens, we rely on the support of European countries first and foremost. ” – said the country’s president.

Maia Sandu also mentioned that our country has been encouraged to keep the peace insofar as it depends on us and not to be drawn into war.

“Regarding the Republic of Moldova, it is discussed, analyzed and people understand very well what the vulnerabilities are and how big they are. Everyone encourages us to keep the peace as long as it is up to us, and we will continue to do everything we can to keep our country from going to war. ” – said the head of state.

Regarding the challenges in the Transnistrian region, the President of the Republic of Moldova stressed that our Reintegration Office is in constant contact with the Tiraspol authorities and that no one there is interested in getting involved in the war in Ukraine.

“And we get assurances that no one there is interested in waging war, everyone realizes that it is very dangerous primarily for those there but also for the region in general and we will continue these discussions to keep things under control. ” Concluded Maia Sandu.

We remind you that Ukraine is in the 86th day of war in which it defends itself against Russian aggression. Currently the main areas with military operations are located in the east and south of the country.

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