MEP Mureșan Appointed Chief Negotiator for EU Budget in 2024: Priority – Support for Moldova

Romanian Member of the European Parliament, Siegfried Mureșan, has been appointed as the Chief Negotiator for the European Union Budget in 2024. He has set two major objectives: securing a “strong” budget and ensuring its timely adoption.

Mureșan emphasizes that supporting Moldova and Ukraine will remain a priority for him. According to him, such support will contribute to ensuring peace and security within the EU.

“I will negotiate for the support allocated to Ukraine and Moldova to come from clear and predictable sources, without wasting time each month on allocation negotiations and without compromising the European Union’s traditional priorities, such as cohesion, economic development, support for entrepreneurs, and farmers,” stated Mureșan.


Prior to attending the European Assembly held in Chisinau on May 21, Siegfried Mureșan visited the United States. Among the topics discussed with American officials was the support for Moldova.

As the Chief Negotiator for the EU Budget, Mureșan’s role will be crucial in ensuring adequate funding for various priorities, including support for Moldova and Ukraine. His appointment reflects the commitment of the European Union to strengthen cooperation and provide assistance to its Eastern partners.

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