Mihai Popsoi: “We could extend sanctions against people trying to undermine Moldovan security”

The authorities could extend the list of international sanctions. Foreign Affairs Minister Mihai Popsoi claims that international partners could soon announce a new package of sanctions applied to persons undermining the security of the Republic of Moldova. The intention of the external partners is noble and aims to protect the Republic of Moldova from destabilizing actions, notes ipn.md.

“The organized criminal group “Sor” is already sanctioned by the international community. We will most likely extend the sanctions. We will also analyze other persons who represent a threat to the security of the Republic of Moldova. Our partners want to help us and have already done so by reducing the maneuver space for these characters. But it is the responsibility of our authorities, of the legal institutions, to protect citizens from these petty influences and their destabilizing impact. International partners can help us, but this support is optional. Our institutions must act,” said Mihai Popsoi.

Mihai Popsoi says that the international sanctions, applied to people who quarreled with the law in the Republic of Moldova, limit the possibility of organizing subversive actions. According to the deputy prime minister, these sanctions represent a signal for the legal institutions of the Republic of Moldova to protect national security and not to allow disruption of democratic processes.


“There are several individuals and legal entities, as in the last sanctions package. It remains for our partners to evaluate and announce these sanctions. They are well-intentioned and want to help us, but in the end, we must be the ones who ensure the security. The law institutions of the Republic of Moldova must do their job and hold accountable those who wrong the citizens of the Republic of Moldova or who undermine the security of our state,” said Minister of Foreign Affairs Mihai Popsoi.

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