Minister Buzu claims that 40% of children in villages live in poverty

In the Republic of Moldova, poverty has increased, with the elderly and children being the most affected. In villages, 40% of children live in poverty, according to the Minister of Labor and Social Protection, Alexei Buzu. Due to these circumstances, the state has introduced several support programs throughout the current year, as reported by IPN.

“This year, we continued to assist citizens in overcoming the difficult situation we find ourselves in. Despite a very small economic growth this year, almost negligible, inflation has remained quite high. We still remain vulnerable to what is happening in Ukraine, and energy prices remain quite high. Within the Government and the Ministry, we have focused our efforts on helping individuals and families in Moldova overcome this challenging period,” stated Alexei Buzu in a press conference.

According to him, the compensation system was primarily implemented to help families cover part of the heating costs. So far, the system has recorded 777 thousand compensation requests. The monetary aid for the cold season was increased from 700 to 800 lei. The number of beneficiaries has also risen to 260 thousand households.

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