Minister Nicu Popescu’s Diplomatic Visit to Bucharest: Bilateral Discussions, and Continued Collaboration with Romania

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nicu Popescu, undertook an official visit to Bucharest, Romania, on January 23. The Deputy Prime Minister announced that he discussed Moldovan-Romanian bilateral relations with his counterpart Luminița Odobescu, the adviser to Romanian President Bogdan Aurescu, and the Secretary-General of the Romanian Government, Mircea Abrudean. After the visit to Bucharest, Nicu Popescu announced that he would hold a press conference on January 24. According to NM sources, he is expected to announce his resignation from the position of minister.

Popescu began his working visit to Bucharest with a meeting with the Foreign Minister of Romania, Luminița Odobescu. “We discussed the importance of bilateral relations, and I strongly expressed my belief that they will continue to develop at the same sustained pace. I took this opportunity to thank my Romanian counterpart for the unconditional support provided to the Republic of Moldova in our European journey, including in the process of obtaining a positive vote for the start of accession negotiations,” said Nicu Popescu.

Similarly, the Minister of Foreign Affairs also met with the former head of Romanian diplomacy, Bogdan Aurescu, who currently serves as an adviser for foreign policy to President Klaus Iohannis. “A trusted friend of our country,” Nicu Popescu said about his former colleague after the meeting.

Additionally, the Deputy Prime Minister had a meeting with the Secretary-General of the Romanian Government, Mircea Abrudean, with whom he says he discussed projects funded by Romania in our country.

“Bucharest will remain our main supporter in the process of accession to the European Union, and I am confident that we will continue to collaborate closely to ensure the rapid integration of the Republic of Moldova into the great family of the European Union, alongside Romania!” wrote the Deputy Prime Minister on his Telegram channel.

It is worth noting that Nicu Popescu announced on January 24, 2023, that he is resigning from his position as Deputy Prime Minister. The announcement was made by the head of diplomacy in a press briefing.

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