Moldova and Hungary signed a Memorandum of Cooperation in Agriculture

Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Bolea, who also serves as the Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry (MAFA), joined hands with Hungarian Agriculture Minister Istvan Nagy today to formalize a Memorandum of Cooperation, underscoring a commitment to bolster bilateral ties within the agricultural and associated sectors.

Expressing a keen interest in fostering robust Moldovan-Hungarian relations Minister Nagy remarked, “We have observed from our aerial view the meticulously tended agricultural landscapes, reaffirming Moldova’s status as a land of promise. Engagements with Hungarian economic stakeholders already active in Moldova have been encouraging, further fueling our dedication to fortifying and broadening bilateral relations in the agro-industrial domain.”

Echoing this sentiment, Minister Bolea expressed optimism regarding the memorandum’s potential to elevate collaboration through joint assistance programs and mechanisms. “Our longstanding relationship has consistently flourished, ranging from commendable to exceptional, a trend we are delighted to witness. The presence of over forty Hungarian enterprises operating within our borders underscores their confidence in our partnership and serves as a catalyst for more Hungarian businesses to explore investment opportunities in the Republic of Moldova,” he emphasized.


Presently, there exist 44 companies with Hungarian investments in the Republic of Moldova, collectively representing a substantial share capital investment exceeding 20 million lei.

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