Moldova banned certain types of ammunition: who’s gonna get an exception?

Moldova has banned certain types of ammunition. This refers to magazines for semi-automatic centerfire firearms that hold more than 10 or 20 rounds of ammunition.

“The transit, import into the country, export from the country, sale, purchase, transportation, transfer, and storage of magazines for short-barreled semi-automatic firearms with central striking mechanism, which can hold more than twenty cartridges or more than ten cartridges for firearms with a long barrel, is prohibited,” reads the decree approved by the Cabinet.


The exception to the provisions are citizens who legally owned such weapons and ammunition before the entry into force of this law. However, it will be possible to use them only in shooting ranges.

The draft law is being implemented to harmonize the national legislation with the European legislation. At the same time, through the amendments under consideration, the Republic of Moldova implements the commitments undertaken in the Association Agreement with the EU to combat illicit trafficking in small arms.

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