Moldova Employs Over 1,100 Ukrainian Citizens

Economic agents in the Republic of Moldova have provided employment opportunities to 1,128 Ukrainian citizens, of which 814 are women, according to the National Agency for Employment (ANOFM).

The majority of Ukrainian citizens found employment in Chisinau, with a total of 857 individuals, followed by 49 in UTA Gagauzia and 45 in Bălți.

ANOFM reports that Ukrainian citizens have been hired for various positions, including programmers, engineers, seamstresses, salespersons, sales consultants, chefs, waiters, doctors, educators, assembly operators, nurses, production sector operators, customer service agents, managers in various fields, data entry operators, and others.


Since the beginning of the current year, approximately 219 employers have expressed their willingness to hire Ukrainian citizens, declaring around 2,075 vacant job positions for these individuals. Additionally, over 112 Ukrainian citizens have registered with the territorial subdivisions under ANOFM’s jurisdiction to receive employment assistance.

It is worth mentioning that since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine initiated by the Russian Federation, around one million refugees from the neighboring country have sought refuge in the Republic of Moldova, and approximately 100,000 have chosen to remain within our country’s borders.

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