Moldova Eyes Highway Link to Romania by 2035, Says Infrastructure Minister Spînu

Moldova could see the realization of a highway connecting with Romania. Minister of Infrastructure Andrei Spînu has stated that he will provide details on the launch of such a project in the coming weeks, with a potential completion by 2035.

Invited to the Tuesday, January 16, edition of the “Freedom” show on TV8, Andrei Spînu explained that the first step towards launching such a project is the pre-feasibility study.

“No one will allocate funds if you don’t argue that there is a need for a highway because we don’t undertake construction for the sake of it. Things don’t move forward without a pre-feasibility study, which takes about half a year. After that, you need a feasibility study, which provides details and can take one and a half to two years. Then comes the design phase; you need a serious design for this road to last 40-60 years. And that can take years, depending on the length and complexity,” explained the Minister of Infrastructure.

The next steps involve identifying financial resources, launching a tender, and commencing the works. According to Andrei Spînu, a highway could incur costs of approximately one billion euros.


“No one will invest a billion euros in a highway without going through these stages. By 2035, this must be a reality, with one condition: that we, as a country and society, contribute and move Moldova towards the European Union,” emphasized Andrei Spînu.

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