Moldova Faces Potential Aggression as Analyst Highlights Russian Ambitions in Post-Soviet Space

Renowned political analyst Anatol Țăranu warned during the “Punctul pe AZi” TV show on TVR Moldova, that the entire post-Soviet space is coveted by the Russian world, and Moldova is not exempt from this list of territorial aspirations. While the Baltic republics enjoy a sense of inviolability, Moldova finds itself in a colossal danger zone. According to Țăranu, Ukraine’s heroic struggle serves as a defense for Moldova.

“By attacking a NATO member state, the aggressor targets the entire organization. This is the essence of NATO. From this perspective, no aggressor, unless completely deluded, can afford such an act. It’s suicidal. How can you attack NATO, the most powerful politico-military organization in the world? It’s like a monkey fighting a giant, even if you possess nuclear weapons. In this regard, Moldova could achieve absolute defense by becoming a NATO member. Let’s remember that Iceland has no army but guarantees its defense and security as a NATO member. The same applies to all small states that are NATO members. The Russian world, which increasingly demonstrates aggression abroad, claims the entire post-Soviet space, except perhaps the Baltic republics. Yes, they may clench their teeth, but they understand very well that these territories are untouchable. They themselves acknowledge that they are outside the danger of aggression, as was experienced by Ukraine and Georgia in 2008. Moldova is not on this list of inviolability. We are on the waiting list for aggression. If Ukraine hadn’t resisted, we would likely have been attacked to the same extent because Ukraine was attacked to restore the grand Russian Empire that encompasses everything it had prior to the dissolution of the Soviet Union. From this perspective, we are in tremendous danger, and Ukraine’s heroic fight defends us,” stated Anatol Țăranu.


“The unjustified war launched by the Russian Federation against Ukraine once again demonstrates that security cannot be individual but collective. We need collective security, resilience, the interdependence of security systems, and internal protection. This is even more crucial for a state like Moldova. We have a neutrality that is not internationally recognized, despite civilized states and the West always emphasizing their respect for Moldova’s neutral status. However, we also have the negative example of the Russian Federation attacking a state like Ukraine, which was also one of the guarantees according to the Budapest Memorandum. Therefore, it is clear that our neutrality is no longer functional,” added Elena Mârzac, founder of the Platform for Security and Defense Initiatives, speaking from Brussels via Skype.

The most complex question at the moment, to which everyone expects the new national security strategy to provide answers, is how Moldova ensures its national security.

“First and foremost, let’s not forget that being offered candidate status for EU accession already indicates a clear integration perspective for Moldova, demonstrating once again that Moldova has a well-defined, civilized choice. However, this direction can be halted at any time due to changes within the country caused by external interference. That’s why now, more than ever, we need support from the West, from the civilized world, to help Moldova clearly define its direction and not oscillate between East and West, but understand the direction of development.

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