Moldova has become a member of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism

Prime Minister Dorin Recean has announced that as of the beginning of this year, the Republic of Moldova is officially a member of the European Union’s Civil Protection Mechanism – an initiative for coordination in crisis and natural disaster situations.

“Now, our firefighters and rescuers will cooperate with EU member states and nine other participating countries to improve prevention, preparedness, and response systems for natural and man-made disasters,” said Dorin Recean.

The head of the Executive stated that even before becoming a full member, our country has already benefited from support through this mechanism. Accordingly, according to the official, since the start of Russia’s brutal war against Ukraine, we have received 36 power generators for 30 hospitals, medical assistance, and food for Ukrainian refugees. Medical equipment from the rescEU medical stockpiles has been mobilized, and humanitarian projects supporting vulnerable refugees in Ukraine have been funded.

Participation in the Civil Protection Mechanism is part of the government’s efforts towards European integration and will enhance the country’s security level and the safety of our citizens, the Prime Minister emphasized.


The agreement between the Republic of Moldova and the European Union regarding our country’s participation in the EU Civil Protection Mechanism was signed in Chisinau on September 29, 2023.

The European Union’s Civil Protection Mechanism was established in 2001 to encourage cooperation between civil protection authorities across Europe. In its over 20 years of operation, the mechanism has been activated in various emergencies worldwide, from earthquakes to wildfires, tropical storms to man-made disasters, and up to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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