Moldova is in the top countries with the highest gas prices in South-East Europe

Moldovans face another serious problem: the high cost of gas. According to recent data, the Republic of Moldova is among the countries with the highest gas prices in South-East Europe, economist Veaceslav Ionita notes, writes

Compared to neighboring countries such as Ukraine and Hungary, the cost of gas in Moldova is about four times higher. There is also a 45% discrepancy with the medium price in the region. Thus, a cubic meter of gas in Moldova costs about 12.5 Lei, while in Ukraine and Hungary, the price is much more affordable.

In a December cost analysis, the economist estimates that Moldovans have been affected by a dispossession of about 750 million lei for unknown reasons. For the entire heating season, they expect to pay more than 4.5 billion lei more for natural gas, taking into account the regional median price.

This raises questions about accountability for what many see as an embezzlement of national resources, similar to the billion scandals.

Citizens wonder who will be held accountable for this and how their interests will be protected.

In addition, concerns are growing about the absence of energy experts, who seem to have disappeared altogether. There is total silence on this issue, fuelling speculation of a possible crisis in the management of energy resources.


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