Mihai Popsoi announces the position of Moldova in communication with Russia

Relations between Moldova and Russia will be based on the interests of citizens. This was stated by the new Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Mihai Popsoi, at his swearing-in ceremony.

“Moldova’s position in communication with the Russian Federation, as with any other state, is a principled one, based on Moldova’s national interests. Only based on the interests of citizens, based on the sovereignty, independence, and territorial unity of the Republic of Moldova is this the basis of our relations with the Russian Federation and any other state,” he said.


At the same time, Popsoi recalled that Russia is the only state that has illegally maintained its army on the territory of Moldova for 30 years, thus disrespecting the neutrality status of our state.

“We will have to invest a lot of effort to achieve this respect for our neutrality, sovereignty, and independence by all international actors,” the minister continued.

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