Moldova, left without electricity for a few hours! Maia Sandu: Russia left Moldova in the dark

On Wednesday, starting at approximately 2:30 p.m., the Republic of Moldova suffered another massive power outage. The mobile phone and internet signal was unstable, and gas and water supply interruptions were also reported in the capital.

At the same time, Ukraine was reporting that it was under massive attack. Sirens sounded throughout the neighboring country, and explosions were heard in several towns, including Kyiv. After the alert was canceled in the Odesa region, electricity was reconnected on the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

What did the authorities say?
Andrei Spînu: “Dear citizens, today we have a repeat of the situation from November 15. Following Russia’s bombing of the Ukrainian energy system in the last hour, we have massive power outages. Moldelectrica is working to restore the connection to electricity. I will be back with additional information shortly”

Maia Sandu: “Russia has left Moldova in the dark. Russia’s war in Ukraine kills people, destroys residential blocks and energy infrastructure with missiles. Attacks continue even now in Ukraine. People are pulling their wounded out from under the rubble. And they mourn their deceased loved ones. People’s lives cannot be turned back. But the electricity supply can be restored. We will solve the technical problems and we will have light again. All state institutions are working in this direction. We cannot trust a regime that leaves us in the dark and cold, that intentionally kills people, out of a simple desire to keep other peoples in poverty and humiliation. However difficult it may be now, our only path, the future path of the Republic of Moldova, must remain towards the free world”.

Natalia Gavrilița: “We hope that in an hour our localities will be reconnected”.


Premier Energy: “Transmission operator and distribution operators are working to restore electricity connection. We ask consumers to show understanding, as they are outside the management area of ​​the distribution system operator, and we assure them at the same time that all efforts are being made to maintain the continuous supply of electricity”

Moldelectrica: “At 2:23 p.m. in Ukraine’s power system, there were attacks on the power infrastructure in the Odessa region. The situation of November 15th was repeated, when following the disconnection of a strong connection, the automatic system functioned to balance the available generation with the electrical load in the system”.

The capital was engulfed in traffic jams. Regia Transport Electric announced that the trolleybuses were stationary while Moldova was experiencing a power outage. Traffic lights and ATMs did not work.

At the same time, according to the regional media, queues formed at gas stations on the left side of the Dniester. The Border Police announced that they had started generators at the border crossing points.

Information appeared in the public space such as that there was light at the Government. Generators would have been connected there. The health press informs that all planned interventions have been postponed at the Institute of Emergency Medicine in the Capital.

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