Moldova marked two years since sending of application on accession to the EU

President Maia Sandu signed Moldova’s application for accession to the European Union on March 3, 2022. On this significant occasion, the head of state conveyed a message reaffirming Moldova’s steadfast progress on the path to Europe over the past two years.

President Sandu highlighted that these efforts have been duly recognized with the positive decision from EU member states to commence negotiations on accession.

“The journey towards EU accession heralds improved conditions in schools and kindergartens, upgraded infrastructure including roads and bridges, modernised hospitals equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, and, most importantly, it promises peace and security. While there is much work ahead, united, we possess the capability to attain all our objectives. Together, we wield the strength to surmount any obstacle and forge a brighter future for Moldova within the greater European family,” President Maia Sandu concluded.


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