Moldova presented three energy interconnection projects with Ukraine and Romania at the Three Seas Initiative Summit

Moldova showcased three pivotal energy interconnection proposals with Ukraine and Romania at the Three Seas Initiative Summit in Vilnius, gathering 13 nations spanning the Baltic, Black, and Adriatic Seas.

The summit serves as a platform for deliberating on the Initiative’s trajectory amidst the intricate regional landscape, aiming to bolster investment and execute strategic interconnection ventures across its focal domains: transport, energy, and digitalization.

As relayed by the Ministry of Energy, Moldova’s presented projects carry significant regional implications and are earmarked for funding and execution within the Initiative’s framework.

These projects are designed to enhance regional connectivity, including the construction of the second circuit of the 330 kV overhead high-voltage line between Balti and the Dnestrovsk Hydroelectric Power Plant, the establishment of a high-voltage interconnection linking Yuzhnoukrainsk, Prymorsk, Vulcanesti, and Isaccea Nuclear Power Plant (UA-MD-RO), augmenting the interconnection capacity of the vertical corridor on the Trans-Balkan gas route, and fostering projects dedicated to green hydrogen production through renewable energy sources.


“The realization of these initiatives will fortify energy security, foster sustainable development, and mitigate environmental impact across Central and Eastern Europe,” affirmed the Energy Ministry.

Moldova attained the status of an associate participating state within the Three Seas Initiative in September 2023.

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