The ensemble “Hecenii” has been awarded the Parliament Diploma for their achievements in dance

The Parliament Diploma was awarded to the folk dance ensemble “Hecenii” from Heciul Nou, Sangerei district, by the President of the Parliament, Igor Grosu, in recognition of their promotion of Romanian national traditions.

“The ensemble “Hecenii” received a warm welcome from the deputies during today’s parliamentary session. The young dancers, who bring fame to our country, were applauded for their beautiful results. The choreographer of the group, Dionisie Cobilas, has been leading the ensemble since the age of 19 and is particularly deserving of credit. Their performance demonstrates their talent and perseverance. Congratulations! You are a model of persistence and courage,” said Speaker Igor Grosu.

Recently, the government announced that it would allocate funds from the reserve to address the issues raised by members of the assembly, including problems with the premises.

“All children in this country need to develop in good conditions, which is why we will continue to invest in them,” Igor Grosu stressed.

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