Mihai Popsoi spoke with the head of OSCE: International support is being sought for the withdrawal of Russian troops from Transnistria

Mihai Popsoi emphasized the importance of removing Russian troops and munitions from Transnistria. This statement was made by the head of diplomacy in Chisinau after discussions with OSCE Chairman-in-Office Ian Borg. It was noted that international partners can assist in achieving this goal.

IPN reported that officials discussed the Transnistrian settlement. Mihai Popsoi stated that Moldova is committed to a peaceful resolution of the conflict. The authorities in Chisinau are grateful to the OSCE mission for its efforts to facilitate dialogue and constant support in this process.

“We share the same perspective. Our common goal is to achieve a peaceful and sustainable resolution. The Republic of Moldova is committed to resolving the conflict peacefully, as it is the only viable option. The Republic of Moldova collaborates closely with all international partners. We appreciate the OSCE’s assistance in promoting dialogue and providing support in the area of human rights.

The Republic of Moldova reiterates the need for the withdrawal of Russian Federation troops and ammunition from the Transnistrian region of our country. We rely on the assistance of our allies in the global community to establish the conditions necessary to accelerate this process,” said Mihail Popsoi.

The OSCE Chairman-in-Office and Foreign Minister of Malta, Ian Borg, reiterated the OSCE’s support for a peaceful, comprehensive, and lasting solution to the Transnistrian conflict based on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Moldova within its internationally recognized borders, with special status for Transnistria.


The OSCE will concentrate on identifying specific measures to establish trust and constructive dialogue between the parties, enabling the conflict resolution process to progress. The speaker suggests promoting 1+1 talks to implement commitments already made, despite the 5+2 format being put on hold.

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