48 companies will receive grants of up to 500,000 lei for the development of tourism services

These companies will receive grants of up to 500 thousand lei through the Support Programme for the Development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Tourism. The Organisation for the Development of Entrepreneurship (ODA) has signed funding contracts with the managers of 48 companies in the Republic of Moldova.

The programme winners will receive a total of 17 million lei in grants and invest over 35 million lei in the country’s economy. The grants are awarded by the Government of the Republic of Moldova and co-financed by the European Union.

By allocating up to 500,000 lei per project, entrepreneurs commit to investing in improving the quality of tourist services, developing necessary infrastructure, upgrading accommodation units, leisure facilities, and transport infrastructure, including in rural areas.

ODA Acting Director Gheorghe Iudin emphasised that investments in the tourism sector would enhance national competitiveness in the global market and renew the diaspora’s interest in returning to the country.
“Statistics indicate that in recent years, tourism in Moldova has been gaining momentum, and the country is becoming more visible on the European tourism map. Furthermore, an increasing number of diaspora members are opting to spend their vacations in Moldova, with a focus on exploring the country. Our goal is to promote rural tourism by showcasing our unique locations, traditions, and, of course, hospitality, “Gheorghe Iudin mentioned.


The Small and Medium Enterprise Development Support Programme for Tourism, managed by the ODA, was launched in autumn 2023.

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