Moldova terminated three more agreements with the CIS

The Moldovan government denounces three more agreements with the CIS. The agreements relate to education, border troops, and support for entrepreneurs.

In particular, we are talking about an Agreement on the Support and Development of Small Business in the CIS Member Countries, an agreement on cooperation in the formation of a common educational space of the CIS, an agreement on preferential supplies of special equipment and materiel to the border troops of the CIS countries. They were signed in Moscow in 1994 and 1997.


The authorities argue that in the conditions of accession to the EU, the provisions of the agreements lose their relevance. However, if new adjustments are required, the drafts provide for the possibility of signing new contracts.

In May, Prime Minister Dorin Recean instructed the Cabinet to revise all agreements with the CIS. Since then, dozens of documents have been denounced by the authorities of the Republic of Moldova, claiming that they are no longer relevant.

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