Moldova terminates two agreements with the CIS: what kind of documents are we talking about?

Members of the Commission on Foreign Policy and European Integration approved at a meeting on June 6 advisory opinions on the denunciation of two agreements concluded with the Community of Independent States (CIS).

Thus, the Agreement on Cooperation in the Field of Prevention and Elimination of Consequences of Natural and Technogenic Emergencies drawn up in Minsk on January 22, 1993, as amended by the Protocol approved in Dushanbe on October 30, 2015, will be denounced. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the termination of the Agreement is the result of minimal interaction and cooperation in this segment, lack of applicability, and inconsistency with realities. The Agreement and the Additional Protocol are inalienable acts, so their denunciation will be simultaneous.

In addition, the Agreement between the member states of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) on the Strategic Armed Forces of December 30, 1991, will be denounced. The denunciation of this document is timely in a context in which the Republic of Moldova does not have nuclear weapons and cooperation within the military-political sphere, and the emphasis is on economic cooperation.

It should be noted that earlier, the Chairman of the Parliament, Igor Grosu, asked the Government to initiate the regulatory procedure for the dismissal of the Republic of Moldova from the Agreement on the CIS Interparliamentary Assembly.

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