Moldova to Create Specialized Structure to Combat Disinformation and Propaganda!

Moldova’s President Maia Sandu announced that a specialized structure for the efficient combat of disinformation and propaganda will be created soon to function alongside the Supreme Security Council (CSS). This structure is aimed at creating more coherent and serious actions at the state level in combating disinformation and propaganda, similar to other countries in the EU.

During a TV show at ProTV, Sandu stated, “I believe that we must be more effective in combating disinformation, and yes, we will take some measures in the near future to create a special structure to combat propaganda and disinformation, as is happening in several EU countries. Following their model, we will create a similar structure, alongside the Supreme Security Council”.

It’s important to note that earlier in March, the Speaker of the Parliament, Igor Grosu, announced that a separate entity would be created, specializing in monitoring and combating disinformation and propaganda in the online environment, separate from the Audiovisual Council. He also mentioned that they are working on finalizing this entity, and more details will be provided soon.


This move is a significant step towards ensuring the protection of Moldova’s democratic values and the security of its citizens. Disinformation and propaganda can have severe consequences, particularly in a country that has struggled with political instability and interference. Therefore, this specialized structure will play a crucial role in enhancing the country’s capabilities to combat disinformation and propaganda effectively.

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