Moldova to Limit the Number of Russian Diplomats at the Embassy in Chisinau

In the wake of longstanding and perceived hostile activities from the Russian Federation, Moldova has decided to restrict the number of Russian diplomats accredited to the country. The announcement was made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nicu Popescu, at the opening of a Government meeting.

Minister Nicu Popescu addressed the Government, expressing concern over the past decades of what he described as “hostile activities” by the Russian Federation, some of which were carried out through the Russian Embassy in Chisinau.

“We have witnessed activities directed against Moldova, and we have been targets of such activities for many years, even decades,” said Minister Popescu.


Among the issues raised, the Minister highlighted concerns over an excessive number of antennas, suggesting that the focus of diplomatic services, not only from Moldova but also from other countries, should be on fostering positive relationships.

“When a significant portion of another country’s diplomatic presence is directed towards destabilizing our nation and engaging in actions that fall outside the standard practices of diplomatic services, we have reached a consensus with institutions and political decision-makers on the necessity to limit the number of accredited diplomats from the Russian Federation in Moldova,” Minister Popescu stated.

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