Moldova will be exempted from paying contributions to EU programs

Moldova will be exempted from paying financial contributions to European Union programs. The members of the Parliamentary Commission for Foreign Policy and European Integration, at today’s meeting, approved a conclusion on the launch of negotiations and the approval of the signing of an agreement between the Moldovan government and the European Commission, which provides for this.

The document outlines a temporary suspension of Moldova’s financial contributions to the European Union’s programs for 2021-2027. This recommendation originated from the European Commission, taking into consideration the economic, financial, and political repercussions faced by Moldova due to the Russian Federation’s aggression in Ukraine.


According to official statements, forthcoming association agreements between Moldova and European Union programs might be granted exemption from Moldova’s usual financial obligations. The decision to uphold this suspension will undergo an annual review by the European Commission, contingent upon information furnished by the Moldovan Government.

At present, the Republic of Moldova has concluded several agreements with the European Union on participation in EU thematic programs, among which are Fiscalis, Customs, Single Market Program, EU4Health, LIFE, Horizon Europe, Union Civil Protection Mechanism, Connecting Europe Facility. Thus, our country will be able to benefit from the financing of projects in several areas.

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