Put on the agenda at the last moment and already voted: “Toma Ciorba” Infectious Diseases Hospital will absorb the Dermatology Hospital in Codru

The Cabinet of Ministers has approved the consolidation of the Dermatology Hospital in Kordu with “Toma Ciorba” Infectious Disease Hospital. This pivotal decision was deliberated during the initial proceedings of Wednesday’s cabinet meeting.

The announcement has stirred considerable public and medical sector discontent. Consequently, medical professionals from both institutions organized a protest in front of the executive building, contending that there appears to be a vested interest from authorities concerning the Stefan cel Mare Avenue property where “Toma Ciorba” Hospital is situated. Simultaneously, patients at Dermatology Hospital in Kordu have expressed their apprehensions by signing a petition, voicing concerns about potential disruptions in receiving adequate medical care.


The Ministry of Health, on the other hand, stated that no medical institution will be closed, and it is only a question of merging the management.

The informative note of the project, published for public discussion, states that the Tom Chorbae Hospital building is old and needs renovation, while the Dermatology Hospital operates in a building that can be adapted to modern standards.

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