Moldovan Agriculture Minister about the distribution of fuel from Romania: 1,500 farmers will receive diesel fuel

Moldovan farmers affected by drought 2022 will receive diesel fuel promised as humanitarian aid from Romania. This was announced by Vladimir Bolia – the head of the Agriculture Ministry. Recently, farmers asked for explanations about fuel distribution.

According to the official, 1,500 farmers who have applied for the aid can count on it. They will receive 40 liters of diesel fuel per hectare of cultivated land.

“Last week, the Ministry of Agriculture finalized the study of each application and distributed fuel to farmers. For each hectare that has been treated, about 40 liters of diesel will be allocated. The distribution is the responsibility of the Material Reserves Agency of the Ministry of Interior. It will be based on the information provided by the Agency for Interventions and Payments in Agriculture (AIPA),” Bolya specified.

According to the minister, the fuel in the amount of four thousand tons from Romania will be distributed among farmers soon.

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