Moldovan Business Delegation Heads to Shanghai for the China International Import Expo

Economic agents from the Republic of Moldova are invited to participate in the China International Import Expo (CIIE), which will take place from November 5th to 10th, 2023, in Shanghai, China, as reported by TRIBUNA.

During today’s press conference, Boris Foca, the President of the Moldova-China Chamber of Commerce and Industry, stated that the initiative for hosting this exhibition belongs to the President of the People’s Republic of China, making the event of extremely high significance.

“It is the largest international import expo, bringing together government representatives and international leaders in production. This is a smart move that demonstrates China’s interest in market liberalization and globalization. The purpose of this exhibition is to showcase China’s capacity to absorb imports, as the market here has tremendous potential. According to data, China is expected to have an import value of $10 trillion in the next 5 years, and Moldova, along with other countries, is keenly interested in this figure,” according to Boris Foca.

The organizer further states that Shanghai is a perfect location for this exhibition, as its port has been the world’s largest in terms of container goods import/export for the past 7 years and has direct connections to over 280 cities worldwide.

Experience from previous years shows that the China International Import Expo (CIIE) is visited by approximately 150,000 people, with participants coming from over 100 countries.

“The Chinese government is highly involved in organizing the event and provides assistance for showcasing samples at the exhibition, as well as medium and long-term guarantees for the protection of intellectual property rights. It is considered opportune for representatives of the Moldovan government to participate in these events, as nearly all major European brands will be present,” says Boris Foca.

He mentioned that for the 2024 exhibition, Moldova plans to have a national booth, and discussions with the Chinese Embassy have already begun in this regard.

“We urge companies from Moldova to join this year’s mission to see how this extremely important event takes place, what stands are on display, and the potential of the Chinese market,” urged Boris Foca.

Simeon Blîndu, the Executive Secretary of the Chamber, declared that those who attend the China International Import Expo will receive maximum support and assistance.

He also stated that in recent years, the Chinese market has exhibited two specific characteristics – it is the world’s largest consumer and the fastest-growing market, and this exhibition, organized since 2018, is one of the main elements of the Chinese initiative “One Belt, One Road.”

“The presence of the Republic of Moldova at this exhibition will strengthen the ties between our countries, which is very important for domestic producers and contributes to the country’s export potential,” emphasized Simeon Blîndu.

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