Moldovan farmers protested in Brussels: Our bankruptcy will not help Ukraine

Members of the Forța Fermierilor (Farmers’ Strength) association, along with farmers from Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Hungary, protested in Brussels and demanded compensation after the collapse in grain and oilseed prices, which is associated with a large flow of cheaper products from Ukraine that entered the international market.

“Farmers from the Republic of Moldova need the same support as EU members. Otherwise, farmers from the Republic of Moldova, facing the drought of 2022, will go bankrupt. Having gone bankrupt, Moldovan agrarians will not help Ukraine survive. We are in Brussels to declare that we need support for agriculture in Moldova so that citizens do not migrate,” Moldovan farmers said.

Members of the farmers’ association believe that the risk of a large flow of Ukrainian agricultural products to the Moldovan market remains high, given that the government did not restrict the import of grains and oilseeds from Ukraine.

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