Moldovan government appointed a new electricity market operator

The government of Moldova has appointed Operatorul Pietei de Energie M Ltd in Moldova, a branch of Romania’s OPCOM SA, as the electricity market operator.

The relevant decision was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers on Wednesday, February 21.

OPEM will become a platform for electricity supply and will manage the energy markets during the day and the day after. This will give the correct price signal to the market, and it will further allow for setting differentiated electricity tariffs for end consumers.

The appointment of Operatorul Pietei de Energie M Ltd, a subsidiary of OPCOM, will contribute to improving the efficiency of the electricity market, promoting transparency and competition, risk management, and creating a favorable investment environment.

“This decision is also a consequence of the joint efforts of the Moldovan and Romanian authorities to consolidate and integrate the electricity markets of the two countries, to ensure a competitive and transparent environment in the energy sector, through the signing of the Memorandum on December 11, 2023,” said Energy Minister Victor Parlicov.


At the same time, this action is included in the national action plan for accession to the European Union. Also, it is a significant step in the energy strategy of the Republic of Moldova until 2030.

The creation of the market operator is also motivated by the interest of local electricity producers, including those from renewable energy sources, in creating a competitive trading environment that ensures the security and transparency of the electricity trading process and increases investor confidence in the energy market of the Republic of Moldova.

OPCOM is a member of several associations, including the International Association of Power Exchanges (APEx) and the Association of European Power Exchanges (Europex), which play an essential role in the development of standards and rules for energy markets. Also, members of these associations are offered a platform for international cooperation with access to information on energy market trends and developments at the international level.

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