Moldovan Jewish Community Stands with Parliament in Support of Israel Against HAMAS

The Parliament of the Republic of Moldova took an unconditional decision to support the population of the State of Israel in its fight against terrorism, condemning the attack on Israel and its people by the HAMAS organisation.

The initiative of MP Natalia Davidovici was supported by 75 votes of the members of the highest legislative body of the country.

DECLARATION of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova in support for the people of Israel and condemnation of terrorism, in particular, “STATES that on October 7, 2023, the terrorist group HAMAS launched a cowardly barbaric attack on the civilian population of Israel and against the State of Israel; JOINS all states of the world that have expressed their solidarity with the people of Israel; RECOGNIZES the right of the State of Israel to self-defense and, above all, to the defense of its citizens; Strongly condemns the horrendous brutality of the terrorist group HAMAS against the civilian population, massive rocket attacks and massacres of civilians.” (excerpt from the text of the Declaration)

Information on the adoption of the DECLARATION and its contents are available on the website of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova

 “This document, like earlier statements by the leaders of the Republic of Moldova, gives a very clear signal in favor of our choice as a state. The Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova welcomes the adoption of this Declaration. We choose to be on the side of peace, justice and help for our fellow people who have been facing with a huge threat. It is not only the terrorist group HAMAS, officially recognized as outlawed in Moldova since 2019, but also its supporters, unfortunately. We are currently facing manifestations of global terrorism. This is a very serious risk, which, together with widespread disinformation and propaganda of violence, can only be overcome if all democratic states in the world unite their forces. We have been in support of Israel from the first minutes of this bloody and unjust war. Dozens of articles and comments in the national and international press, meetings in all religious and secular organizations on both banks of the Dniester, fundraising campaigns for victims, constant communication with officials of Moldova and Israel on this topic. We believe that only in solidarity and mutual support will we get through this extremely difficult stage of our history,” noted the President of the Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova, Alexander Bilinkis.


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