Moldovan walnuts ended up being sold in the Royal Botanic Garden shop in Stockholm

Moldova’s Ambassador to Sweden, Liliana Gutan, enthusiastically announces the launch of a unique project in collaboration with the Royal Botanic Garden Rosendal in central Stockholm. Djurgården Island is hosting this project which brings together the historical tradition and culture of Swedish horticulture and innovation from the Republic of Moldova.

Rosendal Garden’s history stretches back to the 18th century, and since its establishment in 1861, it has become a vital center for Swedish cultivation and horticulture. Today, under the management of the Rosendal Garden Foundation, the project is dedicated to biodynamic and commercial gardening, promoting a lifestyle integrated with nature.

“The Rosendal project’s mission includes activities to increase knowledge and interest in landscape gardening. The garden becomes a model and a source of inspiration, focusing on the concept of ‘farm to fork.’ Local crops of vegetables, herbs, flowers, and fruit are used in the café and wood-fired bakery, both of which are enjoying remarkable popularity,” says the ambassador.


To bring Moldova closer to this innovative business philosophy and experience, Moldovan organic walnuts have been introduced to the Rosendal Garden’s special offer. Citizens from Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Iceland can buy 150 grams of Moldovan walnuts for 55 Swedish kronor (about 5 euros).

The project is not stopping there and is looking for partners interested in supporting the concept of bringing the Rosendal Royal Botanic Garden to Moldova. The aim is to build a beautiful collaboration that promotes transparency, sustainability, and quality, strengthening the links between nature, agricultural producers, and consumers innovatively.

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